Stackable Ring /// Brass

Stackable Ring /// Brass


Single ring in textured brass, beautiful on its own, or worn with other rings.

Tip: wear the brass ring with other metals such as silver for a modern look.

Will my brass ring tarnish and leave a green mark?

///Copper and brass will naturally oxidize (tarnish). Care for your jewelry by avoiding contact with lotions, perfumes, oils, and water. Although rare, certain people are known to react to brass (copper+zinc) by getting a green mark on the skin almost immediately after wearing it. This reaction is not dangerous, although not desired. To avoid this reaction, you can coat the inside of the ring with clear lacquer or nail polish (repeating once in a while) You may store your jewelry in an air-tight bag or container. Clean your jewelry with a polishing cloth, store-bought metal cleaners, or home made natural solutions. For more information about Brass/copper jewelry care, see our info page or contact us with your questions///

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