T+S Atelier: Our Story

Photo by  Substance YYC

The Idea

Tribes + Society is a Calgary-based jewelry line and brainchild of Sophie Gabias-Moffat. Originally from Quebec, Sophie settled in Calgary, Alberta, in 2002 after a few years of traveling.

She studied jewelry at the Alberta College of Art + Design where she learned techniques that would later help her with her craft. She had the honour of working for the internationally renowned Canadian jewelry designer Dean Davidson before starting her own line of jewelry in 2012.


100% Handmade 

Using sterling silver, brass, copper, and gemstones, Sophie handcrafts every item in her Calgary studio. The simplicity and timeless quality of her metal pieces, as well as her strong presence in the Calgary craft community, have helped her build a steady following.

Her pieces can be found in stores across Canada as well as various craft shows throughout Alberta.


Inspired by Archeology + History

Sophie has always had a deep interest in archeology and the anthropological meaning of jewelry, specifically of the Bronze Age and Roman era. Each of T+S’s unique pieces stems from the artist’s fascination in the role jewelry played--and still plays today--in defining who we are.